Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight In Wednesday ::: Hope

Well, it's that day again.
Weigh in Wednesday!
I feel like I did really well this week.
My calorie intake wasn't bad and I had a couple killer workouts.
A couple of times this week, I left the gym shaking.
I think my body was revolting! But I felt great!
Here is an example of one of my workouts form this week:
1.5 hrs at the gym.
30 min on the treadmill doing a cardio incline of 15.0,
50 crunches on the exercise ball,
2 sets of 30 jumping jacks,
2 sets if 12 dips,
3 sets if 10 ab extensions,
2 sets of 12 pop ups (those are killer),
and just when I thought I could do no more,
30 min on the elliptical which was a HUGE mind game the whole time.
I wanted to stop so bad, but so proud I didn't!
Over 800 calories burned!!
So, I got on the dreaded scale this morning and I lost another pound from last week.
I will admit that I thought it should have been 5 lbs from the way I worked out.
But I also know that with girls there are certain times of the month that they may retain more water than others, so I really can't be upset
when my body may have been working against me this week.
I am super proud that I lost this week and I know that next week will be a great week!
So what do you do in a gym when there is no one else there? Workout super hard, do exercises you would never do in front of another human being, and...
take pictures of yourself in the mirror, of course.
Here I am down 12 lbs!
And one more thing I must do today...
I hope you have a fabulous day!!
By the way, Robyn will now have to up her
age on the elliptical...hehehe ;)


Robyn Jordan said...

So proud of you!!!! Thanks for the shout out! It's not just any journey, it's our journey and we're doing it.

Hope Jeffcoat said...


Will Guthrie said...

Dang girl. You look great! Keep going seriously. One WW counselor told me that pain weighs more. So when you're getting your body in shape you might not go down as much as you think you should, but once that muscle is past the broken down stage and goes into the built up stage, you will lose weight faster. Consistency and endurance. You can do it! And you ARE doing it! Yay!
Love, Aunt Jo

Hope Jeffcoat said...

GREAT advice and something I seriously needed to hear. It's frustrating when you're working out super hard and you only lose a lb. or worse, gain a lb.
But I won't let that detour me. I feel great, so I know something is working :)
Thanks for the encouragement.