Friday, April 26, 2013

Fat be gone Friday::: Robyn's weigh in day

I had the most amazing week. It was the kind of week that I will look back at even in 20 years and remember. It was the kind of week that makes you really count your blessings. It was the kind of week that makes my throat tighten and my eyes swell with tears because I cannot even comprehend the amount of joy that I have in my life. My hubby had business in Los Angeles this week. Rather than him flying in we decided to make a trip of it. The kiddos and I went along for the ride. We spent 4 days full of bliss at Disneyland and a perfect afternoon at my favorite beach. The difference 23 pounds and so much exercise makes is amazing!!!!

Some of my favorite moments from the week:

I realized about half way through the first day at Disneyland that I was walking through the turn styles straight on. I didn’t have to turn my body to fit my hips through. I fit comfortably through without any effort. What!?!

After spending 15 plus hours at Disneyland the first day I woke up the next day feeling great. I wasn’t sore at all. We spent another 3, 12 plus hour days there with an afternoon at the beach in the middle and by Thursday I still felt great!!!???!!! I really am getting fit.

At the beach I had no reluctance to take off my cover up. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no bathing beauty yet. I still have a long way to go. But, this is my body. It is the body that my Father in Heaven blessed me with. The body that birthed my 4 beautiful babies. I have found this new sense of gratitude for this body. This body that is so capable of things and so strong. So, I took off my cover up and was comfortable in my own skin. That is really a first for me.
Okay, so I'm not ready to post a picture of myself for the world to see in my swimsuit. :) 

I bought a size large sweatshirt. No extra for this girl anymore!!! Also, I’m in a size smaller jean. So, that’s 2 sizes smaller than I started and these are actually a little loose. Excited to go another size down soon.

So, I had a great week. I felt great and was happy to focus on my kiddos and have fun without the worry that extra weight brings in so many forms. I of course ate foods that I wouldn’t normally at home. I enjoyed myself in moderation. After a cheese burger, some pizza, a couple donuts, some ice cream, lots of water and some salad mixed in too I am so happy to report that

I am exactly the same as last Friday
Today, down 23 pounds
All that extra water and healthy food is making my hair and skin so happy.
My hair is growing so fast and my skin is better than it's ever been. 
I made it through a week of vacation without any weight gain. I feel triumphant at that. I am excited to be home and back on track.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ::: Hope

Big things have been happening this week.
First, we took our boys camping with the Boy Scouts.
Let me just say that the menu at the mess hall was NOT on my list of approved foods. I kept my portions small and drank lots of water and
low calorie snacks.
I also made sure to do extra things to get exercise.
It was a ton of fun and good quality time with our boys!
I worked out HARD last night and my body is screaming at me this morning! I went to an outdoor Boot Camp class at the gym and then Zumba right after. I actually had to take Tylenol last night to sleep. I did listen to my body though, and saved my 140 squats for today instead of doing them last night, but to be honest, I'm pretty sure I did more than 140 squats during the 2 hours of classes I did. Whew!
So I was up 2 lbs last week and I was determined to lose them again.
Got on the scale this morning and I'm down 4.5 lbs this week!!!
A total of 29.5 lbs so far!!
So excited about my progress. I even tried on swim suits the other night (I have suits in all sizes packed away). They didn't look half bad.
Makes me excited for our beach trip in June!
Thanks to everyone who has
encouraged me along this journey so far.
I love hearing that you all wait for my
blog post on Wednesdays.
It makes me smile :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fat Be Gone Friday:::Robyn's weigh in day

A few years ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who has a degree in diet and nutrition. She was telling me that studies have shown that for men diet and exercise are equally important in weight loss. For women however, diet plays an 80% role in weight loss success. I remember being really frustrated with that back then. It’s been swimming around my mind the last couple of weeks as I exercise like crazy and don’t lose weight. So, I decided to take my diet more seriously. Have you heard the saying “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” ?? Well, I have never been a believer of that. I really like food. J But, I have been trying to convince myself.

Have you read the book “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer, or maybe seen the movie? Some sort of centipede looking aliens take over the earth using human bodies as hosts. They embed themselves in the human brains. Well, this week an imaginary very healthy alien came to live in my brain. J When I read the book “The Host” at first it was hard for me to tell the difference when the human girl was talking and when her alien host was. That’s sort of how my week has gone. When I paid for my salad at Paradise Bakery earlier in the week the guy asked me if I wanted to buy one get one free cookies with my salad? My inner self yelled at the top of her lungs “YES, YES PLEASE!!!!!” and then the alien who took over my body very reluctantly said, “no thank you”.  I cannot believe the good food choices I have made. I don’t know, maybe nothing does taste as good as thin feels. I’m still skeptical.

When I very first found out about my thyroid nodules and pre diabetes I did some research on diet and weight loss with these issues. Everything pointed towards high protein and low carbs. Well, I happen to be a carboholic, so I really didn’t like that option. But, over the past few weeks as I have struggled with losing I have slowly accepted the fact that I was probably going to have to lower my carb intake. So, this week I really watched my carbs. This meant that not only was I counting my calories, but I was really trying to make sure that the calories I was eating were the best ones for my body and my weight loss. Guess what happened? I felt better, had more energy, less mood swings. I think my blood sugar was probably more constant. And while I am happy that my body seemed to have liked it, I’m really sort of ticked that lower carbs had to be the answer. I LOVE CARBS!!!!!!!

But, my body responded. I worked out just like usual, ate fantastic and guess what happened?!?!?!

I lost 3.5 pounds this week!!!!!!!!!!
For a total of 23 pounds

I can’t believe it. I am really happy and thankful to my body for responding to my efforts. If I can do this people, you can so do this.  I’m actually believing again that I can reach my goals and that maybe this whole goal weight dream shopping spree will really happen.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday ::: Hope

Well, it's that day of the week's usually a day that I look forward to.
Not this week.
Yesterday I just kept praying for a few more days before weigh in. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I knew this because I was only able to get to the gym twice this past week {eek!}
This weekend was our Confirmation Retreat, so I was running around last week getting everything together. Thankfully the retreat was at a gorgeous camp that had hiking trails, so my awesome friend T and I hiked and did our squats for the squat challenge.
I walked everywhere.
 I also ate REALLY good--and I'm not talking salads and veggies.
They have the best food there.
I did watch my portions and I tried not to snack, but there were these
amazing little oatmeal raisin cookies, and well, you get the idea...
When I got home, Carl was leaving for a business trip, so last night was my only time to get to the gym. I know that it sounds like lots of excuses, but this was a huge weekend for me and I had to be completely focused on what I was doing. It turned out to be one of the best retreats we've done!
I am so blessed by the teens and adults I work with!
But Carl comes home today, and then it's back to focusing on this journey!
I am VERY proud of myself that even though I wasn't completely focused this week, I was still committed to exercising during the retreat and
I still made better food choices than I would have ever before!
It's a way of life and I think I have proved to myself that I'm committed to it,
so I feel AWESOME about that!
Now comes the part where I have to tell you what the scale said this morning...
Remember those 2 lbs. I lost last week?
Well, they're back. :(
But I am determined to get rid of them {again} this week.
For good.
{not the best angle AT ALL, but here I am in God's beautiful creation}

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fat be Gone Friday::: Robyn's weigh in day

I had an incredibly hectic Friday. I sat down to write my blog post, but with only 15 minutes until I had to leave to the baseball fields I wasn’t able to finish. So, I’m a day late and a dollar short. I am still using my weight from Friday morning.

Nothing gained nothing lost. That about says it all. But, I am feeling really optimistic. Guess what happened to me?!?! I FOUND THE WAGON!!!!! I don’t know why they call it a wagon. I’ve ridden in a wagon before. It’s a bit bumpy but quite pleasant. I think weight loss is more like the hand carts that were used by my pioneer ancestors. This is no easy ride. I am pushing and pulling and working for every step. I counted every calorie I ate starting Monday. I am feeling more confident in my ability to eat right and really stick to my calorie goal. So although, I didn’t lose I feel like I am turning a corner. I am choosing to look back at what I have accomplished and not beat myself up. It’s a journey. It’s MY journey. I do have to make an effort not to compare myself to others and to remind myself not to be sad at my own pace. But, I feel good about what I am doing. I am not giving up. And though I may not be down this week, I’m also not up. Somehow I’m really excited for next Friday. Instead of getting sad, I’m getting mad. I feel more motivated and more determined than ever.   

P.S. I weighed myself this morning and I'm down today :) I'm really hoping for a big week. My psyche needs it!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already!?!?
This week was up and down for me.
I only worked out 3 times this week {oops!} and my calorie intake wasn't very good this week.
I felt myself eating more than normal.
Sometimes you just have those weeks though.
The good thing is that I was aware of it and I made up for it.
On Friday Carl took me shopping again, this time for a dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday (yup, always waiting until the last minute)
The wedding of Angela & Jon was beautiful and we had a fun time getting dressed up and getting to be adults for a few hours.
My workouts this week, though few, were great!
Last night I did an outdoor boot camp (oh my goodness it was hard, but GOOD hard!), I did an hour Zumba class, and I started a 30 day squat challenge (see pic below), so I did my 50 squats.
The awesome thing was that I felt strong while I was doing all this. Usually I would be the one falling behind or having to stop and start all the time. But that wasn't me yesterday. Some of the exercises were harder than others, but I did them! So excited about this journey!!
So now, the results...
This week I lost 2 lbs.
and I'm down 27 lbs. total!
{Carl & I at the wedding on Saturday}
{If any of you want to join Robyn and I
in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, here it is}

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fat be Gone Friday: Robyn's weigh in day

Truth or Dare?

Truth: I really struggled this week with food. There was Easter candy all over my house and soda. Soda is like a drug!!! Just one sip and I can’t get enough of it. I didn’t eat too crazy on Easter but I ate a little bit of a lot of bad things. I was okay with that. But, when Monday came around I had a really hard time getting back on the wagon. The wagon just kept passing me by. By the time Monday evening came around I had some serious guilt. I had nightmares that night about food. I just couldn’t stop eating. I woke up on Tuesday morning really discouraged. I text Hope and told her I fell off the wagon. She of courage encouraged me and I decided to forgive myself and move on. Last year I lost and gained 30 pounds 3 times. I think my main problem is that when I mess up I give up. I’m not going to let that happen this time. This is not about perfection. It’s a process. It’s about doing the best I can and moving on when I make mistakes. So, the truth is that I really struggle with making good food choices. I really like to eat.

On a brighter note I worked out so hard this week. I am feeling so strong. I ran a mile without stopping on the treadmill every day this week at the end of my workout. I consistently make it to the gym and really get my cardio in. I have been walking a 2.5 mile loop near my home with my kiddos every day too. Truth is, I am great at exercise.

Dare: (to myself and you too) I dare you to do better. To make better choices and thereby really make your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid of failure. Laugh at it! Kick through that brick wall. Be the strong woman that Heavenly Father created. Believe in yourself. Amaze yourself with the things that you can accomplish if you really put your mind to it. You are worth it!!!

So, after all that I am so happy and humbled to tell you that I

Lost 1 pound this week
For a total of 19.5 pounds

I know it’s not a lot, but I’m down. I am motivated to do better, to do more, and to work harder. I am doing this! I am not giving up!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope's Weigh in Wednesday

What an awesome week!
As you'll remember, last week I was up a pound.
Well, the next day, I was back down.
That's the funny thing about weight. It fluctuates so much.
Just because you're not where you'd like to be, never give up.
It WILL happen with some hard work and perseverance!!
This week has been so crazy.
I have literally watched the numbers
drop and drop and drop on my scale each morning.
Not only that, but I went shopping for an Easter dress with my husband on Saturday (nothing like waiting until the last minute) and it was so much fun!
We went to stores that I haven't been able to go into for over 10 years!
I even got a little emotional when I tried on a dress style that I have always loved and it looked great on me!
And no more extra larges.
I tried on larges this time and they all fit!!!
So this morning I got on the scale and, are you ready for this?
I lost 4.5 lbs!!!
And even more exciting....I'm in "ONE"derland!!!!
197 baby!
Overall, I am now down 25 lbs. since January!
Slowly, but surely! :)
I don't want anyone to think I am not doing this the right way.
I have been eating normally, although I added some salads,
veggies and fruit in my diet this week, along with water, water, water.
I knew Easter brunch was going to do me in
if I didn't watch it the rest of the week.
So my food choices, along with working out,
seemed to pay off for me this week.
And my mom's sausage fondue casserole
was so worth the sacrifice :)
{Me & my precious family this Easter. I am blessed.}