Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation Monday ::: Guest post by Dwight Jordan (my hubby)

Introducing Motivation Monday: to help us get motivated. A guest post from my hubby. I love him!!!!!

Motivation is an interesting thing. It comes only after a deep realization of truth and then, leaves so easily. That's why so many of us struggle to stay motivated.  That is especially true when that motivation involves health and fitness. One of my favorite jokes is from the comedian Jim Gaffigan. He asks the questions “Have you ever come across a picture of yourself and it just ruins your day” or “Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and said, I better call my wife and tell her how much I love her”? Ok, I have answered yes to those questions and have found motivation in that instant. But very soon that feeling leaves me, usually as I arrive at the gym. That’s why true motivation must come from within.  To be successful at anything, one must find the desire within the soul.

Along this line of thinking I ask you to recall the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan was great. Yes, he was physically gifted and had all of the athletic gifts to become an NBA player. However, it was not talent alone that propelled him to be the greatest. It was his drive to be the best. Something inside him did not allow failure.  It was that drive, that lead him to find motivation in press clippings and little things. So every game he would perform regardless of the circumstances.   Nothing could stop Jordan when he was at his best. In fact, sports casters would often say “you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him”.  And I would sing the song from the commercial … Sometimes I dream, that he is me… Like Mike … If I could be like Mike” .  Well, there are lots of reasons I can’t be like Mike. But in one way we all can be like him. We can all refuse to quit, refuse to lose, and refuse to fail.

Back to that picture I was talking about above.  Or even the latest glance in the mirror. These items can awake that winner inside us. Awake the desire to be more and live up to our potential. For me those pictures have brought me to this point. I decided that I didn’t want to be heavy any more. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to live along time on this earth. I want to see my Kids grow up. I want to hold grand babies. I want to grow old with my wife.  So when those fleeting glances at pictures fade away. The desire to do, to be, to live, drives me back to the gym. What drives you ?

This morning: 100 + pounds down


Hope Jeffcoat said...

Awesome! Go Dwight!! And thanks for posting!!

Kimberly McCauley said...

Way to go Dwight! Very inspirational and motivational!