Friday, June 28, 2013

Fat be gone Friday:::Robyn's weigh in

 The weight loss journey plays some serious games with my mind. It’s a crazy roller coaster for me. I have the highest highs and the lowest lows. I think the hardest part is having to recommit everyday, to reevaluate, and to just keep going. Some days it feels like there is no end in sight, like it is never going to happen. But, I just keep going. I think a major key to weight loss success is never giving up. We will all have bad days. It’s over coming them and starting again that will bring us success. If it was easy everyone would be skinny and it would be no big deal.

I get frustrated because I feel like I have to relearn things over and over again. This week was all about moderation. I really watched my calories and portion sizes but did not deprive myself. Deprivation does not work for me. I made it to the gym everyday. Work outs are key when you can’t deprive yourself. J I feel really good about my choices. The thing about moderation in calories and exercise, is that it is a lifestyle that I can live with. I can continue on without feeling like I am dieting. That is really important to me.

So, this week I am happy to say that I lost 1 pound for a total of 26.5 pounds lost.

I will admit that there is a part of me that is embarrassed at my slow pace. But, I keep quenching that part and lifting myself back up. Time passes whether I’m losing or not and I could easily be up instead of down right now. If I work really hard, I am still optimistic that I can reach my goal by the end of the year. If not, I’ll still be down and continue on into the next year and the rest of life.

I’m so thankful for all of your support and encouragement. This blog and all of you continue to motivate and keep me moving forward. 

I can't wait to look down and see my goal weight. I am doing this!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ::: Hope

Hey. It's me, Hope. Remember me?
So I haven't blogged in 2 weeks because last week we were at the beach for vacation.
It was one of my favorite family vacations to date.
Lots of ocean swimming, pool swimming, hot tub sitting, sand castle building, shell collecting, shopping, arcade game playing, and we even brought home 4 new members of the family. Our cute little hermit crabs.
The kids had a BLAST and I had a blast watching them have a blast!
We had a beach house, so we were able to prepare food at the house, which was nice, but we still did a lot of eating out too.
I ate grilled things or salads when I could. I also had a cheeseburger and onion rings once. It was good, but not as good as the salads, to be honest. {What is happening to me!?!?!?}
We were able to bring my niece along with us to help with the kids and not only was she awesome with them, but she was my workout buddy.
I bought some cute workout gear while I was there, so here is a before & after of us running :)
 {Michaela & I ran twice while at the beach.
She said she was impressed that I ran 2 miles without stopping.
I told her if I stopped, I wouldn't start again.}

{My sweet family on the beach}

{Me & the love of my life}
Since I didn't bring my scale with me, I was a little nervous about this mornings weigh in.
I really had no idea if running twice was going to be enough to get rid of that cheeseburger and onion rings {among other treats}
So this morning my scale said I weigh exactly the same as when I left! Hallelujah!
What that means to me is that I am getting a hold of the balance aspect. I know that if I eat things that aren't the best for me, I have to work out. And I know that eating things that are better for me, is going to give me the results I want. It's all about balance.
That is one thing I am worried about. After I reach my goal, will I be able to maintain? I sure don't want to start sliding back up. But this last week gave me confidence that I can do this for the long haul.
This isn't a race, it's a marathon.
This is for life.
And speaking of races...
Who is running her very first 5K THIS Saturday?
This girl!
I'm so stinking excited!
This is serious proof that ANYONE can do this!
I am not a runner. But I am determined. And that's all that matters.
Stay tuned for pictures :)
{1st annual Jeffcoat sand castle & sand castle smash}

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fat be gone Friday ::: Robyn's weigh in

Since I missed my blog post last week I have been thinking all week about what I would blog about this week. I had been thinking all week how I was going to title it the blog of shame. I was going to write about how discouraged I am, about how pathetic it is that I only lost half a pound last month, and how I hadn’t lost anything yet this month. Last Friday I was up a pound. I wasn’t inspired to share with all of you. I was feeling discouraged. Then Saturday morning I woke up, up another pound. Ugh. I was devastated really. But, somehow I pulled myself together. I decided not to focus on my slow progress and to just put in the work.

I read an article last week from one of my favorite bloggers about body image.   I thought about sharing it, but decided against it, because I decided I disagreed with a lot of what she had to say. But, it made me really think. She talked about how she was happy with her body just how it was and wasn’t trying to change it. She talked about how striving to lose weight adds pressure to our lives. I found myself wishing that I could adapt her feelings. I wish that I could just be happy with my body and live my life not striving to change it. Trying to lose weight does add pressure to my life. But, the fact is, that I do want to change my body. It’s not completely because of body image or because I don’t love my body now. But, if I’m honest that’s part of it. I’m still working on that. But, most of the things really worth accomplishing and striving for in life add pressure. They are hard things and that is why they are worth so much. So, I once again found peace in my plight to lose weight. It’s for health, for a better happier me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love myself now or that I will all of the sudden love myself when I reach my goal weight. That’s a whole other journey connected but separate from the number on the scale.

 I had a really great week. I ate things in moderation. I didn’t completely cut anything out, I didn’t deprive myself. I really watched my portion sizes and I ate lots of fruit and veggies. I exercised everyday (well not Sunday, that’s my day of rest, the Sabbath day).
This morning I am down 2.5 pounds from last Saturday, which is half a pound to add to my total weight loss of now 25.5 pounds.

 I am feeling really positive this week. I feel confident that I can make good choices and that I can finish this journey. Attitude is a choice. It’s such a huge part of success and happiness in this life. I have to remind myself of that often.  Although, the last couple of months have been slow for me, I feel like I’m turning a corner. I’m excited to continue on. I’m not giving up.

P.S. last week we were in Cali again. It was wonderful and great family time but definitely added to my weight gain last week. I am so excited that I don’t have another trip on my calendar for 3 more weeks. I am thinking positive thoughts and hoping for 3 great weeks. Keeping on keeping on.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Weigh In...Friday?!?!?! ::: Hope

Robyn and I just wanted to throw you all off this week and have me blog on Friday and her blog on Saturday. You have to keep people on their toes ;)
Ok, really it's because I am trying to get 6 people ready for a week at the beach AND the kids had VBS this week. I have tried to blog like 3 times since Wednesday, each time getting pulled away. It's been a crazy week, but I think we're almost ready to leave tomorrow morning so I have some free minutes to sit down and think.
So let's cut right to it, shall we?
I am exactly the same as last week.
BUT the advantage of not blogging until today is that I can tell you that as of today, I am 1.5 lbs down from Wednesday. ;)
I have been doing an abs and glutes boot camp Tuesday nights. Wow! This class is exactly what I need. It pushes me hard and...makes me cry...just kidding...sort of...
I love that class. So much so that I went out and bought a yoga mat to take with me to the beach so I could do those exercises there too. My niece will be coming with us to help with the kids and she also takes that class with my sis and me, so she will be me motivator :)
I feel like this week could go either of two ways. Praying for the will power to make the right choices with food and the motivation to get my workouts in each day.
Here we go...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fat be gone Friday:::Robyn's weigh in

It is officially summer in AZ!!!!!!

This last week we purchased season passes for the kids and I to a water park. That means I am baring my soul, (okay, not my soul, but it feels like it) in a very public place. I put on a happy face, found my inner confidence and had a great time with my kiddos. They don’t know to be embarrassed of me. They still hold my hand in public while I’m wearing a swim suit. J I rode water slides. It was fun. It made me feel young. I was happy to be under the weight limits and to have fun with my kiddos. Summertime is Phoenix is a motivating place to be swim suit ready.

Because we have been going out of town so much I have been struggling with my food choices. I’m trying to get myself back into a good routine. I had been tempted to do something sort of drastic for a little bit to get some weight off quickly. But, I decided that wasn’t really how I wanted to reach my goals.

Hope and I chatted on the phone the other night. I am so thankful to have her as a support in my journey. As we chatted I was able to realize for myself how important it is to me to do this the right way. I do not want to take any pills or shots, no weight loss surgeries, no fad diets, and no extreme programs. I believe in moderation. I believe in healthy living. I believe in eating less and moving more. This isn’t a diet. This is a healthy lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race. I think for me, slow and steady is more manageable, I’m living a way I can continue for the rest of my life, and I feel that it’s healthier for me both physically and mentally. Let’s face it the mental part of this journey plays a large part in my success.

This week I lost 2 lbs. It’s the 2 lbs that I had gained back last week. So, I’m back to 25 lbs down. I am motivated to make good choices though and excited to continue the journey.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ::: Hope

I can't wait to say this, so I'm just gonna say it...
I made it to my half way mark!!!
I am down 2.5 lbs this week & have lost a total of 35 lbs!
Only 35 more to go!
I don't really have a long post for this week, but I did want to share a picture.
Carl took me shopping this last weekend and I got some appropriate sized clothes.
I am now 2.5 sizes down.
Hard work and sacrifice pay off.
But don't forget to indulge every now and then.
I definitely do and it helps me feel like I'm not deprived of anything.
If I can, you can too.
The first step is to start.