Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hope ::: weigh in #2

Nothing lost, nothing gained.
This COULD be the whole post since I neither gained, nor lost weight this week.
But hey, my name is Hope.
It means optimistic, so I feel it's my duty to look at the glass half full!
Even though this was the first full week of working out at the gym,
I am still down the same 8.5 pounds as last week.
I have to admit, I was a tad disheartened.
I mean, all that work and I'm still the same weight? Really?
I really had a great week of watching my portion size and what I was eating.
I mean I ate a banana for the first time in 2 years people!
And I enjoyed my workouts more than I thought I ever would.
So instead of getting down about it, I told myself
"hey, at least you didn't gain weight, right?"
Then it hit me...go check your measurements...
So I did...
And THAT will be my success story for the week.
Are you ready???
I am down 1 inch around my hips 
& 1.5 inches around my waist!
So I guess those hard workouts paid off!
And not eating that chocolate cupcake and soda, too {right Robyn?.... ;)}
All in all, I think this week was a success.
I didn't gain weight, I am still down 8.5 lbs AND I lost inches!!! See, the glass is half full ;)
And I just have to say that I have been
overwhelmed by the support from Robyn.
She has been incredible this week with texting me little affirmations and cheering me on.
It seriously makes this journey so much sweeter!
If you don't have a support buddy, I highly suggest you find someone to share your journey with. Even if you're not doing a whole weight loss thing--maybe you're just trying to eat better or exercise more--having someone who builds you up and encourages you is just plain
{Thanks Robyn!!!}


Will Guthrie said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Yay for inches. Yay for no weight gain. Yay for building muscles. Yay for energy, health and all those good things. Yay for you! I'm changing my weigh-in day to Friday. I'm finally down 8 lbs (no weight gain or loss last week), but it's the end of the week. End of the week always looks better than my previous Monday weigh-in. After the weekend? Yeah, ain't as good. Keep it up, girls! Thanks for the inspiration!
Love, Aunt Jo

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Thanks Aunt Jo!!! Love hearing your updates too :) Keep plugging along :)
Love you.

Robyn Jordan said...

Go Jo Go!!!! :)