Friday, May 10, 2013

Fat be Gone Friday::: Robyn's weigh in

I decided to write some this morning before I weigh myself. I don’t want my success or failure on the scale to affect my attitude just yet. J Guess what I did this week?!?!? ……… I graduated from college. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Management. I am ecstatic. I actually finished my last class in December but wanted to give myself a little time to lose weight before I walked in the commencement ceremony so that I was a little more comfortable in my own skin. It was one of my best days. My husband found the best seats and as I walked through the tunnel entering into the University of Phoenix stadium there was my little family above me. They were going crazy, my kiddos jumping up and down and screaming. I was all smiles. My hubby looked so proud. As I climbed up the stage and my name was read I felt completely comfortable with myself. I held my head high, shoulders back and walked on to that stage feeling pretty!!! Wow! That was so fun. I waved my fake diploma in the air at my little family all the way back to my seat. Look at me. I made it on the big screen several times and didn’t shy away. I smiled and waved and was so proud. Who knows what’s next? I feel like I can accomplish anything I want to though.  

With such a big accomplishment there were definitely celebrations including food. J This entire week has been a difficult food week for me. I ate things I shouldn’t have eaten for sure. But, I ate in moderation. When I went to the doctor this week I was down 35 pounds from my appointment in the fall. My doctor was thrilled with my progress. My blood sugar levels are fantastic. (Still on medication for now) 

I feel my attitude continually changing and my self-confidence growing. I am taking better care of myself in every aspect of life. I care more about my appearance and feel cute most of the time. (That’s huge) I can’t believe how much happier I am just in daily activities because I feel better about myself.

I realize that today, weigh in day, is not the end all be all. It is a step in my journey. So, no matter what the scale says, (wish it didn’t even have to be a part of this journey) I will continue to do what I am doing. Happily! I am changing my lifestyle and it feels great.

Insert sigh, gasp, and long deep breath as I weigh myself………………………………………

I am up .5 pounds this week

It’s my first time being up this year. Am I sad? Of course. But, I still feel positive and optimistic. I still feel confident that I can do it. I am so motivated and excited for this week. There’s more to life than weight loss. But, man does weight loss make life sweeter. J


Hope Jeffcoat said...

Loved this post! Great idea to blog a little first! You are still a superstar and you're so right! There IS more to life than weight loss. If you can't be happy with your body now, you won't ever truly be happy with it when it's "just right".
Keep going girl! You got this.
Proud of you.

Hope Jeffcoat said...

P.S. You look FANTASTIC!!!!!! And CONGRATS on your HUGE accomplishment!

Robyn Jordan said...

Thank you and thank you!!!