Friday, May 17, 2013

Fat Be Gone Friday ::: Robyn's weigh in day

Friday already? The weeks are going by so fast for me as the kiddos and I are trying to finish up our school work. We have one week left!!! I’m so excited because I will have more free time and less stress. I’m really planning on focusing more seriously on my weight loss over the summer.  

I have been thinking a lot about body image this week. I have 2 tweeny girls in my house. They are beautiful, smart, and so much fun. I love being their mom. They are just beginning to develop self body image. They are becoming more aware of their bodies as little women. I remember being their age and becoming aware of my body. I became self conscious of my body in my preteen years. I recognize the impact that I have in my little girls development of a healthy confident self image. I am really thinking about that and trying to be really positive about my own body so I can be a good example to them. So often we say that our value isn’t based on the way that we look; that we want to be beautiful inside. But, as women I think it’s really important to be happy with our bodies, to really know and feel beautiful on the outside. I of course think being kind and good is more important than being beautiful, and I teach my little girls that. But, they just happen to be beautiful on the outside too. I want them to know that, to own it, and to let it empower them in their lives. I know that when I feel good about my body and my self image I am more likely to accomplish things in my life. It may seem silly, but I think it’s true. Beware a strong, smart, beautiful woman. That’s what I am working towards and that is what I am raising my little girls to be.

My hubby was out of town this week. It was hard. I only made it to the gym 1 day. That’s bad news for me. I am normally so dedicated to working out and that carries me through my lack of discipline in my food choices. But, I did pretty good this week. I drank soooooo much water. It’s getting hot here and I feel so much better when I’m well hydrated. I shoot for 100 oz of water a day. I think that saved me this week.

I am happy to say that I lost 1 pound this week which puts me at a total of 25 pounds.

I am feeling like I am getting behind in this whole weight loss journey. I’m not going to reach my 70 pound goal this year at this rate. But, I am just going to keep on keeping on. I’m really hoping for a couple of big months of weight loss over the summer when my home school days slow down. I am feeling healthy and happy and most of the time beautiful.    

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Hope Jeffcoat said...

Love the qualities you are instilling in ypur girls. Just beautiful and so vital.
Awesome job with your loss this week. So proud of you!!! And hey, if we hit our goals next year, so be it. It just means we have more time to save more money ;)