Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In ::: Hope

So this morning as I stepped on the scale and it said the exact same thing that it did last Wednesday...and the Wednesday would think I would have been frustrated.
Instead I thought "Yay! I didn't gain!"
This morning, someone posted this on Facebook
It got me thinking about this body that God has gifted me with.
This incredible body that has given birth to 4 children.
This body that has climbed 30 foot trees to set up challenge courses.
This body that has gone from sleeping on the church floor for a lock in to washing windshields all Sunday for a fundraiser to leading meetings in the afternoon and then leading youth group that night. This body that has run on little to no sleep and then been up at 2 am when someone wet the bed
and it does it all over again the next day.
My body is INCREDIBLE!!!
God has entrusted this body to me for a short time.
It is my responsibility to take good care of it.
Sometimes I don't do as good a job as I should.
But then there are times that I do.
Whether or not the scale numbers go down doesn't define how good or bad I have done that week.
Feeling awesome about my progress and feeling stronger each day defines my weigh in each week.
It's true, I WANT to see that number go down
and down
and down
and I will.
But today, I am focusing on this body that I have right now.
It's doing incredible things that it hasn't done in a very long time.
I'm running now.
And I'm enjoying it.
My body rocks.

Today I chaperoned my oldest son's field trip to the zoo and the coolest thing kept happening. Other moms, who hadn't seen me in awhile, would come up and tell me how great I looked, how they were following this blog and they gave me encouragement.
It was so awesome, truly.
Then I took my son to the library and I ran into
another friend who came over to chat.
She told me she was following this blog, too and encouraged me, as well.
Then there are the people that post on my facebook wall and send me messages of encouragement or tell me that they have been
inspired to start getting healthier...
This whole process is more than I ever thought it would be.
So to all of you who have taken an interest in
mine and Robyn's journey, thank you!
Thank you to all who have given me encouragement.
YOU ALL are keeping me motivated.
Here's to next week...

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Will Guthrie said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

Love you.
Aunt Jo