Friday, May 3, 2013

Fat be Gone Friday::: Robyn's weigh in

If I would have written this blog post before I weighed myself this morning it would have been a very different post. So, I’m trying to keep perspective and remember my week before the weigh in. When I sit down to write a post and I’m not feeling super positive I really try hard to pull myself together before I share my feelings with the world. I really want this little blog of ours to be a positive influence and uplift anyone who stops by. On the other hand, I am a pretty matter of fact kinda girl. I do not pretend to be something I’m not. The truth isn’t always positive, and weight loss is soooooooo hard. I know that so many of you will relate to my struggles. So here is my truth:

I ate super fresh and healthy this week. Lots of raw veggies. It’s weird how your body craves things. I was completely satisfied and didn’t really feel hungry. Shocking! I really watched my carbs. I haven’t eliminated them. But, I only really eat them once a day and try to make them healthy carbs. I did eat a cupcake at the T-ball team party last night. It was worth it. JI also exercised like crazy. Lots of running this week. I’m going farther and faster and feeling really strong. I still hate (that’s a bad word in my house) running. But, I love pushing myself and surprising myself. I made really good choices this week and am proud of myself.

I had a stressful week. Things have been super hectic with the kid’s schedules and we have had a little bit of upheaval in our family. I am a worrier. So, I didn’t sleep well and I could feel that the lack of sleep and stress was affecting my well-being. But, I did not stress eat. Amazing!!! I tried to really think things through while I was exercising and burn off my nervous energy.

So, when I stepped on the scale this morning I was hoping for a big number. Good nutrition and lots of exercise should equal weight loss right? Well, weight loss is not like a math equation that always has the same formula and answer. It’s much more complicated than that.
I lost 1 pound this week…..
for a total of 24.5 pounds.
That .5 is really important to me J

I shouldn't be discouraged about a 1 pounds weight loss right? But, I am. I worked so hard for just 1 pound?

I know that this is really a life journey. It’s not just about reaching a goal. It’s about living healthy and being happy. Weight will always be a struggle in my life. So, I’m going to try to switch my thinking. I’m going to try to stop focusing so much on the end goal. (Although, I’m really excited to be skinny and go on a shopping spree.) I’m going to focus on my accomplishments. 24.5 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. I easily could have gained weight over the past four months had I not been doing this. I feel great physically. I am fit. I can run 4 miles without stopping!!!! I like the girl I am right now. I will just keep on keeping on with a smile on my face.  


Hope Jeffcoat said...

not gonna lie. you had me at shopping spree :)

Will Guthrie said...

Through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the encouraging and discouraging - you keep pushing forward, sharing on this blog, not giving up. You are a star, Robyn! And you inspire me. So thanks.
Aunt Jo