Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday ::: Hope

Let's get real!
What's real is that weight loss stinks sometimes.
It's AWESOME and then it's sllliiidddiiinnnggg bbbaaaccckkk dddooowwwnnn.
That's just how it is.
You have your "Dang, I rock!" moments and you have
your "I'll work out tomorrow" moments.
I have had the latter moments all too often this week.
As I looked back, I realized I had only worked out once this week.
Well, I did do a ton of yard work, too, but I'm not counting that.
I'm talking intentional working out.
Only one time.
It's weird how that just sneaks up on you.
And my "I'm not going to eat that because it doesn't taste as
good as skinny feels" mantra wasn't playing in my head this week either.
It happens.
But here's the cool part.
You can recommit.
You can start again.
You can get back in the groove.
It's a constant cycle.
Here is a little encouragement I got from Michelle Myers on Facebook
(She's awesome, by the way. You should go like her page.)
She said: "If you dropped your phone, would you smash it until it breaks? Hopefully not! So maybe you splurged a little yesterday...or maybe you skipped your workout. That was YESTERDAY! Recommit today. You've got this!"
So I did.
I recommitted.
I have gone to the gym 2 days in a row now and I'll be there
tomorrow night too.
I do need to work on that not eating past 8pm thing, too.
I'm getting pretty slack about that.
The one thing I have stayed strong about is my water.
I can drink some water, let me tell you.
So now comes the results of my weigh in this morning.
dun. dun. dun.
I am up 1/2 lb. from last week.
Not surprising really.
But I am determined to get back on track.
So, here I go...

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