Friday, March 15, 2013

Fat be gone Friday::: Robyn's weigh in day

“Real life”? What does that even mean? Life is a crazy roller coaster with twists, turns, ups, and downs.  We hold on tight sometimes afraid for our lives. We raise our hands in the air and squeal with delight. We kick and scream, fight and cry. Then we have moments of peace, moments of clarity and grace. I live for these moments. The bitter in life teaches us to appreciate the sweet. This week was so sweet for me. J
Going in to our vacation I thought a lot about what my strategy for weight loss was going to be. What was I going to do? I felt a little overwhelmed. I thought back to a family birthday party for my little boys a few years ago. I was toward the beginning of my first weight loss journey. I was really motivated and totally obsessed with losing weight. As we cut the cake and our family and friends all enjoyed some I chose not to eat any cake. That’s a huge symbolic picture in my mind. I want to eat cake!!!! I am going to eat cake!!!! I am going to enjoy my life. I am going to lose weight doing it!
That’s my “real life”. So, I enjoyed my vacation. I ate ice cream, cheese burgers, pizza, and full sugar soda. I just ate less of it then I used to. I also ate salad and lots of fruit. I drank lots of water. I exercised everyday. I laid in the hotel bed each night thinking about what I had eaten that day. My husband would remind me how negatively stress affects weight loss and health in general. I would squash my stress and remember that I am enjoying my life. Then I’d go run on the treadmill. J
This morning I weighed myself with some trepidation. After nearly 2 weeks of chaos, 2 6 hour drives, a funeral, 5 days at Disneyland, and eating out every meal, can you believe that I am
Down 1.5 pounds
For a total of 16.5 pounds lost
I shouted for joy. Then I crumpled and cried in my closet. I can do this people. I am doing it!!! I had the best week with my little family and I lost weight! I am so happy.
    I bought this shirt a few months ago on clearance without trying it on. It was too tight in the arms and hips. I'm really excited that I can wear it now. :) 


Stephbyessence said...

so awesome!!! That's what it's all about, enjoy life and get healthy. I don't believe in completely depriving oneself of ALL the yummy stuff out there. Just smaller amounts. You see! It worked! Great job

Robyn Jordan said...

Thanks Steph!!!! I totally agree. There is a lot of sacrifice involved. I totally believe in moderation though. :)