Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tight Tooshies Thursday

The quest for a tight tooshie requires a lot of hard work and determination. Exercise for me is really mental. It's about confidence and determination. It's about believing in yourself and then following through. Over time I have become stronger not only physically but mentally too. It makes exercise really fun. I recently discovered the medicine ball. I love it. It is a great tool for core strength and toning muscles including the tooshie. I have not yet invested in one for home, but I would love to. I use them at the gym. I love to use them doing crunches. I crunch up and then twist from side to side. This strengthens the tummy muscles and works on the waist line. Plus, it makes sits ups just a little more fun. My hubby and I use them to play catch. This is really fun. I smile and laugh the whole time. It's tiring and I drop the ball occasionally. We throw the ball back and forth a few different ways. We push it out from the chest extending the arms. We also twist at the waist and throw low with arms straight down in an arch upward. I try to bend my knees and get the lower body involved too. It gets your heart rate up too. Another great exercise is to do lunges with the medicine ball. You throw the ball just ahead of yourself, step forward into the lunge and then catch it at the bottom of the lunge. These are just a few ideas to use a medicine ball in your workout. I'm realizing the quest for a tight tooshie can be fun. Exercise can be fun. As I add variety to my workout I'm using muscles I didn't even know that I had. Changing things up keeps it fun and interesting. Now go tighten that tooshie! :) 

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