Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday with Hope

Hello again!
I am super excited about today because
I realized that I have almost made it to my first goal.
I haven't told any of you what my first goal was because frankly, I was a little embaressed.
Still a bit embarressed but I'll tell you anyway.
My first goal was to make it to under 200 lbs!
I have been over 200 for about 10 years now, which is soooo hard to say!!!
Having babies and not focusing on your health will do that to a girl.
So, this week I lost 3.5 lbs, for a total of 19 lbs gone!
Can I get a WHOO HOO?!?!?!
And now I am going to tell you what I actually weigh {this is huge for me people!!}
So right now, I weigh 203 lbs.
The last time I did weight watchers, I got down to 200 lbs.
I'm almost there!!!
I have to say that sometimes I look in the mirror and get a little frustrated that I let this happen to my body, but today I have to say that I'm really proud of myself.
There isn't anything easy about it, but that's what makes it so much sweeter ;)
{me: 19 lbs smaller}


Robyn Jordan said...

YAY!!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!! 19 pounds gone! This is getting fun! So proud of you!

Stephbyessence said...

You don't know me, I'm in Robyn's ward, but I wanna say Wohoooooo! Way to go! You girls are doing awesome! I follow your blog, and I love that you're doing it.
I'm in the same journey. Finally decided to take health into my hands and focus on ME. I've lost 7 lbs.
My blog is
Its a blend of all the things I'm changing in my life. Some things I changed a year ago and some motivational stuff .
Keep it up! Baby steps right?

Hope Jeffcoat said...

So awesome Steph!!! It is definitely all about the baby steps because they add up to huge leaps! It's all in your desire to change. I had the "it would be nice" for a logn time, but now I have the desire and the motivation (thanks to Robyn, my husband and my friends and family)
Keep checking in and let us know how you're doing and I'll be following your blog too :)
Keep it up!!!!

SNB said...

I am so impressed with your motivating words and weight loss that I joined the gym today. It was easier to say I "joined for my son" to swim train for his high school team, but reality is I joined for ME. It is time that I quit the Yo-Yo dieting and commit to a healthy way of life.
Thank You for your uplifting outlook toward the up's and down's of serious weight loss.

Yvette Corbitt said...

SISTA- I am so proud of you! So proud that you are believing in yourself. You are a beautiful daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and child of God! Don't focus on your past except to learn from it and you will appreciate your accomplished goals that much more. I love you so much and wish we were closer- Much Love from Cali-Yvette

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Shari, You GO girl!!! I am so excited for you! Check in and let us know how you're doing!!!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Yvette, Thank you so much for those sweet words. I know this is for myself, but it is pretty awesome when you have people rooting for you!!
Love you too and so wish we were closer!!! ~Hope