Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

Sometimes we think "I only lost a pound this week".
But when you see how much a pound of fat really is, it puts it into perspective.
The voice in our head that is saying "only", "can't", "too hard", "no time", etc etc etc
NEEDS to be squashed. We CAN and we WILL!!!
For those of us that think it's just too overwhelming, this video is for us!
This is the video that inspired me to start this weight loss journey.
This man is amazing!!
Have a happy week y'all :)


Robyn Jordan said...

Thanks Hope!!!! That was incredible. I LOVED the video. We are going to have an incredible video some day too! :) I really needed the picture of the pound of fat too. I will feel much better about my 1.5lb average. :) I believe in me, I believe in you! We will do this, We are doing this!!!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

That video gets me everyday! I love it! So inspiring and so true! Nothing is impossible! Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!!