Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Saturday Skinny::: Robyn

Okay, so it's not Saturday. I'm a week and a day late. But, here I am. 

“The days are long but the years are short…….” Gretchen Rubin

I can’t believe how summer has flown by and here I find myself in August ready to start another school year with my kiddos. I had such great intentions for the summer. Yet, it has come and gone and I find myself, not where I wanted to.

I skipped a week blogging. I was enjoying the last week of summer. Our days have been incredibly hectic. I have an insanely blessed life.

Two Mondays ago (right after my last blog) I stepped on the scale and was devastated when I found myself 6 pounds up. I cried for a few minutes. Then I decided that wasn’t doing me any good. I decided not to feel sorry for myself and to get to work. The last 2 weeks I have made really good choices and I feel great. I lost 4 of those pounds back again and today sit 2 pounds up for a total of 24.6 pounds lost.

I’m going to focus on the 24 pounds lost rather than the temporary 2 pound gain.

As we get ready to start school again it is a natural time for me to look at my life and set some goals. Things in my life have sort of settled down and I feel like I can put a stronger emphasis on my weight loss efforts (well, besides the fact that we have to complete 20 hours of home schooling per day, 5 hours per kid, no biggie J).

I decided to be a little more dedicated and a lot more organized with my efforts. I am starting a weight loss journal. I feel like I need something tangible with really basic things that I can measure. I am focusing on 3 areas: exercise, food, and attitude. At the end of each day I will look back and check my progress for the day. I’m even going to give myself stickers on good days (it’s pathetic how motivated I am to earn a sticker J). I feel like I need more accountability on a daily basis. My goals:

-Gym 5 days a week
-Increase daily steps (track steps)
-Strength training 5 days a week (sit ups, push ups, squats, etc…)

-Track WW points (been paying for and not using for months)
-Eat breakfast
-Dinner @ home 5 nights a week (we eat out too much)
-More fruit and veggies
-100oz water daily (I live in the valley of the sun)

-Dismiss negative thoughts about myself
-Focus and accentuate the positive
-Avoid stressful situations where possible

I haven’t set any specific weight loss goals (I still want to lose 70lbs total). I’m not giving myself a time table. I’m hoping to make some positive changes, see some results and build some confidence back. It’s crazy to me to think that just a few years ago I lost over 100 pounds, yet I don’t think I know how to lose weight????? I’m going back to how I did it originally and reminding myself that I know how to do this, I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.
I feel better knowing that I have a plan. So here’s hoping to a smooth first week of school, and a successful week of weight loss. Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too, because my body is a temple.  

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