Wednesday, July 31, 2013

weigh in wednesday ::: hope

pound by pound.
inch by inch.
so i am a week behind.
i did weigh in last week and was 1 pound down but didn't get a chance to sit down and blog until friday and by that point i thought "might as well just wait and see if i can lose another pound by next wednesday.
would you believe i did lose another pound?
unfortunately that pound found me again, so i am still down that 1 pound from last wednesday.
what i didn't tell you is that i haven't been consistently working out the past week or so.
i also didn't mention that at one point i was up two pounds.
it seems the slacking off in the gym combined with not always eating the right thing caught up to me.
i freaked out a little.
i'm not gonna lie.
but then i kicked it into high gear.
i have worked out for the past 3 days and have watched what i'm eating.
and it paid off.
i'm down a pound this morning.
i'm feeling confident that i know what to do for my body.
i know when i'm not feeling as good as i could be and I now know what to do about it.
it's not always easy, but it's always worth it.
there was this funny thing that happened this morning.
i got on my scale to weigh in and it said 181 (down a pound)
so i went to eat breakfast and get the kids ready for the day.
i decided to hop back on the scale and it said 179.5 (I even took a picture of it).
i got off, got back on. got off, got back on. got off, got back on.
i did this about 20 times.
it still said the same thing.
i moved the scale around the bathroom thinking it wasn't on a flat surface.
it still said the same thing.
finally, i left the bathroom and came back in a few minutes later.
got on and it said...181.
darn. :)
i'll be at that 179.5 soon enough, but how awesome would it have been if i lost a pound and a half in 20 minutes?!?! :)
here is a picture of me from last week.
i'm getting there.
pound by pound.
inch by inch.


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haha. Thanks Will...or is that you Aunt Jo? :)