Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Saturday Skinny ::: Robyn

I’ve been thinking this morning about this little blog and how and why it began. Why did I ever want to do this? I don’t think that I ever really considered all of the “whys”. The thought just kept popping into my head and wouldn’t go away. Originally I thought about how Hope and I could support and motivate each other. Really, Hope and I could have done that privately though without the world watching. This blog however, creates a huge accountability for us.  It has also created a much bigger support system. I believe that we are all children of a loving Father in Heaven. We are all coexisting in this sometimes confusing, difficult, scary, and incredibly wonderful world. I believe that as we share our journeys together we find strength and understanding because we have so much in common regardless of any of our differences.

There is a part of me that is embarrassed to share my journey. I haven’t done as well as I thought I was going to do and I am definitely moving at a much slower pace than I anticipated. I wonder though, if more of you may identify with these struggles that I am having than if I had just plowed through with success. The ability to share my story and thoughts with all of you keeps me motivated and is an incredible outlet for me. So, I hope that you will continue to follow our journey. I’m not giving up.

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for me and incredibly fantastic (well, not weigh wise) J.  We went to Cali again. We spent 4 days at Disneyland and a day at the beach. Our summer has been too much fun if there is such a thing.  Then this last week I went to Washington D.C. as a parent advocate. I attended a conference dedicated to public school choice and went to meetings with some legislators from my state. It was exciting and so fun.

The truth though, is that I haven’t been to the gym in the last 2 weeks. I have been active though. The other truth is that I have eaten whatever I want. I have been careful about portion sizes though. So, guess what happened? I went on a road trip, vacationed with my little family. I flew across the country, associated with adults and had way too much excitement for a stay at home mom where other people controlled my food options. I maintained. Maintained!!! Maybe I shouldn’t be excited about this. But, it seems like a huge accomplishment to me.

I’m still 26.5 pounds down.

We only have 2 and half weeks of summer left. That is crazy. I have a million things to do to prepare. For the first time though, I am planning my schedule. I’m figuring out the best way to fit exercise into my school day schedule. Although, my weight loss is slow. I am feeling positive. I still feel confident that I can do this and that I will eventually reach my goal.

I have a couple of weeks before school starts and we don’t have any travel plans. It will be nice to be home and get my booty to the gym. I plan on lots of exercise and lots of healthy food. I’m optimistic that I can lose some weight. I think I can, I think I can. Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too. 
Fun at the beach and burning calories too!
A momma fighting for her beliefs at the capitol. Dreams I never knew I had coming true. :) Life is so unpredictably amazing!


Hope Jeffcoat said...

I just LOVE your outlook. You are my inspiration! You're living your life, being real, all while being an amazing mom and woman! You're kind of a big deal to me! :)

Kimberly McCauley said...

Robyn, ive been on my weight loss journey for about 2 years now. I can completely relate to your struggles, trials and most importantly successes. You have had a life the last couple weeks and have been able to maintain. Thats awesome that you are balancing! Thats importamt especially when you get to your goal.. keep up the amazing work! You are doing great!!

Robyn Jordan said...

Thanks gals!!! I'm so thankful for your support and encouragement. It's awesome to know I'm not alone in my journey. :)