Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hope's Weigh In Wednesday's me! Hope. Remember me?
Sorry it's been so long, but I'm not gonna lie, the messages from some of you asking when we'll be blogging again because you've missed it have made me smile.
Who knew people would actually READ this little blog? Pretty cool.
Here's my problem--I have no idea where I left off!
So I will give you an overview of what's been going on.
I've been traveling a lot over this past month.
I have been to Dallas, Texas, Big Sandy, Texas and Charleston, SC. It has been such a fun month. Through it all, I have pretty much maintained. Which is pretty good considering I hit up In N Out in Dallas and had my burger and fries animal style. BAD BAD BAD!!! But sooo good :)
I also got out of the habit of hitting the gym. I did a little running, but I really have missed my boot camp classes. And the there's this awesome little coffee shop that opened up and I feel the need to visit them regularly...although my drinks ARE nonfat (just not calorie free, unfortunately)
So now you know my failures over the past month. Here are my successes.
I have been drinking a TON of water!
I have managed to maintain, like I said.
While on a youth retreat, I got up before everyone else (while it was still dark people!!) and ran by myself. That just shows me that even though I may not be as devoted as I was (I'll get back there) exercise is a part of me now!
I have started back at boot camp and Zumba classes.
I have become accustomed to keeping spinach in my fridge and eating salads (kind of addicted to Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette)
My wedding ring is almost falling off.
I feel AWESOME about my progress so far. I'm not looking at what I still have to go, I'm enjoying how far I've come and living in the moment!
And my biggest success....I have lost 45 lbs!!!!!!
I think what I have learned so far is that whether you have lost 5 lbs, 25 lbs or 105 lbs, be happy with who you are and WHERE you are. You are a rock star!!! Because there was a day when you weren't trying at all.... Love yourself and love your body! And keep going...
Here I am 45 lbs down and feeling fabulous...with iced coffee in hand ;)
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Robyn Jordan said...

I am so dang proud of you. You are such a rock star!!!! Thanks for blogging. I totally needed the inspiration!!!! Thanks for doing this with me! I hope it has changed your life for the better like mine. I found my groove again! Not looking back, only forward, onward, upward. Well, downward really!! :)You look incredible!!!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

We can do this!! I often thank God for putting this blog on your heart. It HAS changed my life. You are an inspiration to me too. Even when you get frustrated, you still plow through it. We're a good team!

Emily said...

Wow! I'm sorry for being a bit of a creeper...I found your blog via FB.

but this post is absolutely incredible! I don't even know you and I am proud of you. Keep it up! BOTH of you.

God bless