Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already!?!?
This week was up and down for me.
I only worked out 3 times this week {oops!} and my calorie intake wasn't very good this week.
I felt myself eating more than normal.
Sometimes you just have those weeks though.
The good thing is that I was aware of it and I made up for it.
On Friday Carl took me shopping again, this time for a dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday (yup, always waiting until the last minute)
The wedding of Angela & Jon was beautiful and we had a fun time getting dressed up and getting to be adults for a few hours.
My workouts this week, though few, were great!
Last night I did an outdoor boot camp (oh my goodness it was hard, but GOOD hard!), I did an hour Zumba class, and I started a 30 day squat challenge (see pic below), so I did my 50 squats.
The awesome thing was that I felt strong while I was doing all this. Usually I would be the one falling behind or having to stop and start all the time. But that wasn't me yesterday. Some of the exercises were harder than others, but I did them! So excited about this journey!!
So now, the results...
This week I lost 2 lbs.
and I'm down 27 lbs. total!
{Carl & I at the wedding on Saturday}
{If any of you want to join Robyn and I
in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, here it is}


Robyn Jordan said...

I love how in your picture with your husband there is this glow in your face showing your confidence in yourself. :) You are doing so amazing! I am so proud of you!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Thanks girl. Unfortunately I didn't notice a glow...I noticed how I need more work on my arms and my hips...but now I will focus on my glow :)

Will Guthrie said...

Hope, you look fantastic!! I love the pictures. 27 lbs!!!! When I look at Carl's face, and compare with other pictures of Carl when he's standing next to you, I find it interesting that his countenance isn't any different. He still looks like he's in love with you no matter what. I love you, Carl! And I'm happy for you, Hope, that you're reaching goals and feeling better, stronger, more in control. Inspiration :)

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Thanks Aunt Jo :) It was finny at the wedding I caught him staring at me and asked him what was wrong. He smiled and said he could see a lot more definition in my face now, especially when I smiled. It made me smile even bigger :)