Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday ::: Hope

Well, it's that day of the week's usually a day that I look forward to.
Not this week.
Yesterday I just kept praying for a few more days before weigh in. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I knew this because I was only able to get to the gym twice this past week {eek!}
This weekend was our Confirmation Retreat, so I was running around last week getting everything together. Thankfully the retreat was at a gorgeous camp that had hiking trails, so my awesome friend T and I hiked and did our squats for the squat challenge.
I walked everywhere.
 I also ate REALLY good--and I'm not talking salads and veggies.
They have the best food there.
I did watch my portions and I tried not to snack, but there were these
amazing little oatmeal raisin cookies, and well, you get the idea...
When I got home, Carl was leaving for a business trip, so last night was my only time to get to the gym. I know that it sounds like lots of excuses, but this was a huge weekend for me and I had to be completely focused on what I was doing. It turned out to be one of the best retreats we've done!
I am so blessed by the teens and adults I work with!
But Carl comes home today, and then it's back to focusing on this journey!
I am VERY proud of myself that even though I wasn't completely focused this week, I was still committed to exercising during the retreat and
I still made better food choices than I would have ever before!
It's a way of life and I think I have proved to myself that I'm committed to it,
so I feel AWESOME about that!
Now comes the part where I have to tell you what the scale said this morning...
Remember those 2 lbs. I lost last week?
Well, they're back. :(
But I am determined to get rid of them {again} this week.
For good.
{not the best angle AT ALL, but here I am in God's beautiful creation}


Robyn Jordan said...

You look great!!!! You look healthy and fit! This is real life. I love that about our blog. We are real people just doing our best and our best is really pretty awesome! The amazing thing about our journey is we have each other to keep us going and keep each other positive. The really exciting thing is that this is a JOURNEY and we are going to reach our goals. Nothing is stopping us. So glad to be in this together! Proud of you!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Thanks girl <3