Saturday, August 8, 2015

in the groove

so i just downloaded the blogger app on my phone. now i can blog from anywhere at any time. the possibilities are endless, friends :)
just wanted to check in. i've been up and down the last couple weeks but my exercise has remained consistent. i feel like i'm back in my groove. i am working out between 8:30 and 10 at night. this isn't ideal for most people, but it works for me...and i am soooooo not an early morning girl....for real though...
so as of today, i'm down 6.5 lbs. not too shabby but a couple of those pounds keep playing hide and seek. i am currently working hard to banish them forever!
so last night we went to a birthday party for my sister in law. i hadn't worked out for 2 days and one of my new rules is to not go 3 days without working out, so when we got home, i put on my workout clothes and headed to the gym. this is not to say i didn't want to put on some comfy clothes and hang out on the couch, i did. but truthfully, i wanted to exercise more. crazy huh? i have been amazed at what my body can do.
i am doing a bit better on my food. smaller portions and my snacking has dropped off a ton.
here is me working out at 10pm. i had to snap a pic since i was the only one at the gym late on a friday night. just me....hahaha :)

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