Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hope ::: weigh in #1

Okey dokey. Here we go!

So I started this journey of shedding these pounds about 3 weeks ago. And last week I got the infamous message from Robyn asking if I wanted to do this weight loss thing together so we could be a support and encouragement for each other. I was so super excited when she also suggested we start this blog. I knew this would keep me accountable and maybe we could even encourage someone else in the process!

Here's what's been going on with me so far...

I have really been watching my food intake. I am doing Weight Watchers Online, so I'm trying my very best to track my food, although those little nibbles of leftover chicken nuggets from my kids don't quite make it into my tracker, but hey, I'm not perfect.

The two things I try and do everyday are to eat breakfast and not eat after 8pm. That 8pm thing is a super hard one for me since my kiddos go to bed at 7:30 and my hubby and I don't go to bed until midnight. That is my "work time" and although I get a lot done, we both used to use that time to snack. But not anymore! I'm trying to stay dedicated to that one!

I have also started going to a Zumba class on Tuesdays with my sister. We even did a Zumba-thon last Saturday. Do you know what a Zumbathon is? That would be {TWO HOURS} of straight Zumba. My feet and knees hurt so bad, but after hearing that we had burned between 800-1000 calories, I knew it was all worth it!

Then the big news is that last night I actually went and joined a gym! I worked out last night, this morning and I'm about to go back tonight when my hubby and I get the kids to bed! I'm just so excited!!! Now that's just crazy talk for me!! But it's true. I am really enjoying it...partly because I get to watch TV while on the treadmill or elliptical, but whatever.

So here I am.
Weighing in for the first time on a blog.
It's actually pretty exciting!
So here it goes.
Drum roll please....
As of this morning, I am down {8.5 POUNDS}!!!!!
{And yes, that 1/2 is very important to me...}

Of course I did eat Chinese food for dinner....but now I'm headed to the all is well :)

So excited to say adios to each one of those 8 pounds and especially that half! I hope to never see them on me again. Now, realistically, I know there will be challenges, but I am committed to keep it going until all 70 lbs are gone!

Next weigh in is next Wednesday, so stay tuned y'all...

 {me, 8.5 lbs lighter}


jobees said...

Yay for 8.5 lbs!!! I too am doing ww online and looking to lose at least 20 lbs. Tomorrow is my weigh in, so we'll see, but I hope I'll be at about 8 lbs. It's been a few weeks, maybe a month, for me. Love my ww scanner app (free!) that I use in the pantry or at the store to see how many points are in a particular food. Also, share with me things that you've learned that are fun that work. Websites, recipes, tips. If you'd like, I'd be glad to share things I've found too. Love you, Hope! Thanks for being an inspiration! Robyn - I've got to figure out where you live since I'm in Gilbert, too. :) Great job, girls!
Aunt Jo

Robyn Jordan said...

Thanks Aunt Jo!!! We are excited and need all the support we can get. Keep us updated on your progress too! We need to convince Hope and the fam to come this way for a visit!

Hope Jeffcoat said...

Thanks Aunt Jo :) So excited that we have other people doing the same thing right along with us! This losing weight thing can be really tough, but so awesome when you get on that scale and have lost weight! And I do love pushing myself during workouts too. The food thing is still a struggle, but such is life :)

Kimberly McCauley said...

Its been just about a year since you've started this journey. I'm excited to see where you guys are now. Slowly i have getting back at it myself. I hope to make next year my final part of my journey and get to a point where i can just maintain. I really miss your blogs, because they are very real and honest. Weight loss is not easy and knowing other people are doing and succeeding and having struggles just as you are really keep me moving ahead because it feels like im not alone. You ladies are amazing women with all that you do!